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What is the purpose of the theatricalization of the point of sale? 

From the theatricalization of the point of sale to experiential marketing via polysensory marketing, the “show” in shop in the broadest sense of the term, is a hit. To the point where everyone – brands, retailers, distributors, discounters – is looking to offer new experiences in stores to attract, and above all, gain customer loyalty. Indeed, it’s a reality: the number of people visiting shops is decreasing.

With the growing competition in the e-commerce and a gloomy economic context, it is quite logical to see a real “store back” on the part of advertisers. Disinvesting in advertising to reinvest in the point of sale is the new strategy of many of them.

So what do we understand exactly when talk about the theatricalization of the point of sale?

And what are the levers that work?

Visual Merchandising: what is point of the theatricalization of the point os sale?

The theatricalization of the point of sale or the fitting out of a point of sale is a visual merchandising technique which consists of a particular – even spectacular – presentation of the product offer in the shop.

Objective No. 1: to trigger the act of purchase by creating a captivating atmosphere. Seductive, recreational, euphoric, educational, poetic, everything is possible as there is something for all tastes, all targets, and above all, all usage contexts.

Objective No. 2: beyond the impulse purchase in store, the design of a theatrical point of sale has the tactical intention of bringing the customer into the shop and making them want to come back, even without any particular purchase intention.

The theatricalization of the point of sale can be a one-off event to stage on seasonal events (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Mother’s Day, sales, etc.), calendar events specific to the brand (creation anniversaries, staging specific to the sector of activity such as Fashion Week for the Fashion industry) or even exceptional events (such as LVMH’s special days, etc.). On the other hand, it can also be permanent when the brand’s strategy relies on scripting its positioning (NATURE ET DÉCOUVERTES shops have a unique adventure and escape flavor, L’OCCITANE shops offer a permanent journey to the heart of their Provence, etc.).

Visual merchandising: a playground for point of sale theatricalization

– One-off merchandising

The sales area is decorated in the colors of the current event theme. Event after event, the shop is given a brand new look. When it comes to point-of-sale merchandising, the strategy of retailers is clear: no time out, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

– « Classic » merchandising

Merchandising is above all a matter of scenery, as in the theatre. The terme « theatre » refers to frequent changes of scenery, to stage the story being told. This is where POP comes in at the point of sale, with its classic set of window decorations (panels, decorative accessories, lights, etc.), counter displays, promotional furniture, shelf displays, etc.

The better the POS installation, the more the sales area gives the feeling of celebrating a very special event, worth entering, if only to marvel at. Just take a look at the biggest stores a few weeks before Christmas, and notice the efforts made in terms of decoration in the windows of course, but also on the shelves.

TechSell is a merchandising and point-of-sale theatrical agency that carries out numerous shop decorations for events, for example, FNAC gave its customers their first 3D experiences at the end of 2012, with a

Visual Merchandising  FNAC par TechSell
Animation 3D à la Fnac par TechSell

– Corners & Shop in Shop

When animation rhymes with theatricalization, the point of sale can become a really captivating.

Indeed, nothing is more effective – to create traffic on the shelves – than to create islands in the shop, hence the name Shop in Shop. TechSell is an expert in this type of animation and creates customized stories and settings for its clients in all areas.

One example is the FNAC KIDS animation: a playing and learning area dedicated to children on Wednesdays, in the majority of the sales outlets. The signposting is clear, the POS is fun, the decorative accessories are enchanting… And depending on the theme, children can learn English, get familiar with the latest technology (how to use a camera or a computer), or even learn to act. All this in an enchanting setting, bordered by the special ANIMATION KIDS POS installation, in the FNAC colors.

Animations commerciales FNAC: théâtralisation du point de vente
Fnac Kids – Fnac des Ternes

Let’s also mention the animation carried out by TechSell at the end of 2012 at Le Bon Marché, on behalf of the children’s games brand, DJECO. To celebrate the 160th anniversary of Le Bon Marché, a temporary space on the theme of the fun-fair had been created (carousel, black & gold colour, sweets…) to which a “Magic” micro-space had been coupled. Playing the role of a magician, our TechSell brand ambassador demonstrated DJECO products (storytelling, etc.). In December 2012, a performance area was set up, offering greater visibility to DJECO (in the centre of the area). There were 4 shows per animated half-day. A delight! Techsell had created a common thread between the different magic tricks to present a real show (and not just a product demonstration). Children had to register via the Bon Marché concierge to get a seat, but they could also attend without registering, by standing.

Théâtralisation du point de vente Bon Marché: Visual Merchandising by TechSell
160 ans du Bon Marché

-Permanent merchandising


Another major trend in visual merchandising is the full-fledged concept shop.

One of the most significant examples in the United States is perhaps the story that VICTORIA’S SECRET tells in all its shops: the story of their lingerie show. A very girly decor with candy pink fitting rooms, angel wings, flashy shelves, starlet furniture: everything in terms of decor is a nod to their famous annual fashion show, which made the brand famous from the start.

But when it comes to shop concepts – a distinctive layout that conveys the brand’s DNA – there are many examples: once again, we can think of NATURE ET DECOUVERTES (materials, layout, sound ambiance, the shops are a permanent invitation to travel and to nature), SEPHORA (a temple of beauty, which has also been able to create real in-store beauty services with its famous nail bars, smile bars, etc.), or even WHOLE (the brand’s first shop), and WHOLE FOODS in the United States (which is a bit like our Grande Epicerie de Paris-Le Bon Marché) with a sumptuous product display every day of the year and very high-end shop signage.

In conclusion, there is only one step from the dramatisation of the Point of Sale to the Customer Experience.The theatricalization of the point of sale is an essential element in the customer experience and satisfaction. However, it is necessary to call on real professionals in visual merchandising and commercial animation so that the spaces become beautiful experiential platforms: stories told, games, shows, competitions, educational workshops… everything is possible. As long as the customer has fun or learns something, it’s all over! They will, without a doubt, leave with the products they have experienced.

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